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Chiara Bianchiís star was rising. Her unexpected success in defending a notorious Atlanta crime figure had pushed her to the top of what had long been a male dominated law firm. The only thing lacking in her life was love. The liberal attitudes of California and Massachusetts toward alternate lifestyles had yet to flower in her southern city. Chiara felt forced to keep her desires closeted for the sake of a career. Then Grace came into her life. Chiara fought against her growing attraction to Grace but it was a battle she lost. For a time it seemed that their relationship could remain discreet, that she could have her cake and eat it too. It might have worked had not an act of injustice forced her choose between Grace and her ambition.


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Feb. 17, 2010 By Carrie Shakes *****
I read straight through this book last night. It was beautifully written and erotic as hell. I can't remember ever reading lesbian sex scenes that jumped off the page this way. They were detailed and just plain hot. If you want to read a book with a good story, an excellent lead character and beautiful love scenes, check this one out.



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